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About Us

About Us

Is a humanitarian NPO that is apolitical, non-denominational, non-profit, and professional. Its goal is to reduce poverty and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals by 2030.

It was created  since the 03 0f 04  2012 in CAPE TOWN WESTERN CAPE SOUTH AFRICA.

Registered as NPC 2023/225581/08

As NPO 301-413 07/12/2023

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Our vision: 

“To offer hope and a dignified and respectable living condition to those who have lost it or never had it.”


“Everyone deserves to be loved, supported, and respected as a human being.”


“Solidarity – Humanity – Development.”

The NPO’s mission is to combat poverty and ignorance faced by vulnerable populations. These people are often exposed to practices that degrade their fundamental rights, such as begging, trafficking, and immigration. Our main mission is to encourage these individuals to create value and use their respective skills to contribute positively to the sustainable development process outlined following the 2030 agenda.

Our values include sincerity, dynamism, courage, enthusiasm, and respect for the human person.

Our areas of intervention, both nationally and internationally, include preventing illegal immigration, managing food crises, protecting children’s rights (combating begging, child trafficking, and youth drug consumption), preventing the sale of counterfeit medicines, training youth in various trades, promoting youth entrepreneurship, environmental initiatives, agriculture, and digitizing our administration.

CARE and SHARE has significant strengths, particularly in the multidisciplinary skills of its members who are motivated and committed in a spirit of volunteerism.

All our members are dedicated to sparing no effort to achieve our set objectives. We will carry out our activities with the support of the NPO‘s own resources (annual dues, membership fees, grants, donations, bequests, etc.) and the assistance of partners, both nationally and internationally, for partial or total funding of the interventions and logistical issues.

The organization aims to leverage its influence to put the skills of its members at the service of all humanity. To achieve this, it develops and/or implements activities in the short, medium, and long term within the framework of integrated development, taking into account the needs expressed by individuals.

CARE and SHARE is committed to following the new universal roadmap for sustainable development by 2030 defined in September 2015 by the United Nations and its 193 member states: “It is an agenda for people, for the planet, for prosperity, for peace, and through partnerships. It carries a vision to transform our world by eradicating poverty and ensuring its transition to sustainable development.”